cultivating wild eatable plants

A post by Hank Shaw on cultivating wild native plants—ramps and such. I’ve been intending to do this with fiddleheads—young ferns that people in Vermont eat like people eat ramps in West Virginia. I’ve never found them in West Virginia.

Also, I’m keen on Jerusalem Artichokes, probably the most famous vegetable Hank mentions. More of those in my future.

I’ve noticed, in picking dandelions for wine, that the biggest and healthiest I could find (three to four times bigger than the ones in my yard—handy for such an endless task) grew as weeds in my weedy garden. I didn’t try the greens, though. I wonder how tender they’d be, whether they might not have a longer season than scrubby ones. With pork, they are among my favorite things.

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  1. Caitlin says:

    Dandelion greens are tasty and tender in early spring before they bloom, and in the fall when the weather is cool. In the summer (read, ‘hot weather’) they are too bitter. With pork, yes, and always with garlic. I like to pick the bigger ones, which generally grown in better soil than the little scrubby ones.

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