the hiatus, and bees

The hiatus is largely due to the death of my vintage laptop last January. A blog is not worth much without a computer, time (new child), or dedication. Perhaps the next year will see me with a personal computer again, and perhaps then I’ll post more here—though I’m imagining the content will be less narrowly focused. I’m tired of talking about food and sustainability. Everybody is talking about food and sustainability. It hurts my brain.

That said, my latest obsession is beekeeping. Beekeeping theory, actually, as I’ve never yet kept bees, nor spent more than a few minutes hanging out with one. But for weeks now, when I’ve not been reading The Sot-Weed Factor, or a high-school electronics textbook from 1991, (really), I’ve been stripping my local libraries and going cross-eyed on the internet, reading about beekeeping theory. In case you’re the sort of person who believes that obsessive research without practical experience by someone like myself is of some value, and you take any interest in bees, I suggest you take a look at the Bush Farms beekeeping site—after much outlandish consideration this guy has me sold.

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