clafoutis (not yet cooked)


Claw foo tee.

I strongly advise against de-pitting the cherries.

3 Comments on “clafoutis (not yet cooked)”

  1. Will Huenink says:

    Same fout as in foutu, incidentally. Which means to stuff, or shove, also incidentally to fuck. Except being French, it hasn’t got the severity of the English to fuck, is kind of a minor epithet, albeit one you wouldn’t use in front of your grandmother. It is used much like the French con, which nobody seems to blink at when four-year-olds start using it to describe everything. Thus in clafoutis the verb foutre is used exactly like putta (Italian) in puttanesca, meaning a mish-mash, or fuck-job. The other verb comprising our word, claufir, means to nail.

  2. ani says:

    oh goodness

  3. Nancy says:

    Why do you advise against removing the pits?

    Great site — I love your photos!

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