green peppers, onions


I’ve been keen on green peppers lately. We have eaten exactly two so far this season. We have used them in soup and in eggs (twice) and I can’t remember the other thing. In particular, we’ve been cooking them up fast with onions, so they blacken a little and retain a little of their crunch—also, cutting the onions in long strips, with the grain, so to help them retain their structure. There is an austerity and an earthy sharpness to green peppers that I have found recently, in between all the feasting this summer, deeply satisfying.

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  1. Anna says:

    oh that sort of fasting! best sort. love the website, Will. And the photos and blog….you even make green peppers sound ok, but i’m not sure i’ll ever really be fond of them, not like red ones. I did hear once that the Dutch find it really peculiar that anyone eats the green (unripe) ones but maybe thats a myth. Bon appetit!

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