atlas pasta machine mod


Everyone I know who has a pasta machine has this same pasta machine. Damp pasta dough sometimes sticks to the rollers and gets stuck under the casing pieces (not shown), and dries, and then catches more pasta dough and drags it in under the casing pieces. You have to open it up every few years and get that crap out.

Which is a pain. Not only is the thing difficult to take apart, but it is made from very sharp stamped metal which will cut you and have you cursing Italians, if you are the sort of person who likes to do that sort of thing.

Once you have those casings off (revealing the smaller, outer dowels, shown above) you will find them very difficult to put back on.

Why bother?

4 Comments on “atlas pasta machine mod”

  1. ani says:

    so a rant is great. but are you suggesting no pasta machine???? how rustic.

  2. Will Huenink says:

    Hrm apparently I was not altogether clear. All I am advocating is the taking off of those casing pieces. They are in no way structural.

  3. Nicole says:

    Hey there! I need a pasta machine EXACTLY like this. Could you be so kind as to give me the make and model. Maybe even a link to buy one? Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

  4. Will Huenink says:

    Hi Nicole,
    Nothing special or rare about this machine. It’s about the most common one there is. Apparently, unsurprisingly, the newer ones are less solidly built than the older, so if I were in the market I’d try ebay. Just search atlas pasta machine, you’ll find it.

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