creamy watermelon!

creamy watermelon

Fruit review. This one is called Cream of Saskatchewan. Fairly small, short-season watermelon. I grew it this year. From Seed Savers. Wet year, bad fruit growing year, and very bad for peppers. My melon was brittle; split into pieces when I started it with a knife. Very thin rind, like the package said—hardly there at all. The flavor, fascinating. Actually a little cream-like. (The flesh is more cream-colored, by the way, it looks white in most pictures I’ve seen, even in  my picture, it looks white.) It reminds me of eating maple snow, fresh snow with cream and maple syrup poured on it, something I grew up eating. It has a viscosity, too, that is unlike a watermelon, a thickness. It is more like a honeydew melon than most watermelon. It is a great novelty, and maybe this was a bad year for it. I will grow some other great novelty, next year.

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