fresh popcorn, hot damn.

Just popped my first ever batch of fresh, local this-year’s popcorn. It behaved very strangely.

It started popping almost as soon as it hit the pan, and popped itself out so fast there wasn’t any danger at all of scorching. The flavor was clean and fresh, though not particularly significantly moreso than the regular, and the texture was slightly more moist.

At first the texture was a little inferior to regular corn, as it sort of pan-caked down into hard flakes between your teeth, but after a few minutes that was less noticeable.

Probably this is all a function of water content and will get more like what we’re used to as it cures. I wonder how old the average shelf-bag of popping corn is.

Anyway, good stuff.

4 Comments on “fresh popcorn, hot damn.”

  1. ani says:

    how do you get fresh popcorn? is it just dried kernels of eating corn?

  2. Will Huenink says:

    I’m pretty sure most corn will pop, but some varieties are much better for it than others. ‘Eating corn’ is corn that stays soft longer and is sweeter than feed corn or grinding corn, but you can eat non-eating corn off the cob if you catch it young.

  3. Ma says:

    Where’s the photo? The photography is what makes your site really fun as well as interesting. Did you grow the popcorn? Did you take your finger to the bowl at the end?

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