orange peels in the soup

I’ve had a little glee in spicing things with orange peels this winter. Braises, soups and sauces—adds a welcome brightness to many of the heavy things we like to eat in winter. I’ve been taking them out before serving, but I’m coming around to that not being necessary. They soak up flavor nicely, and I’ve gotten used to eating them in marmalade. Cut them nicely.

2 Comments on “orange peels in the soup”

  1. TCM Canada says:

    I love love love orange peel in my food too. It’s good to wake up your digestive system.

    I practice Traditional Chinese Medicine and they’ve been using orange peels (called Chen Pi = Old Orange Peel) for centuries for people who have sluggish digestion and bloating. Also great for boosting one’s energy (Qi) too!

    You and your wife’s blog are great; I’m going to try and get my husband to roast some of his own coffee beans, thanks to you. :)

  2. Will Huenink says:

    Thanks, and, you’re welcome!

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