many homely barometrical signs

“The use of a barometer is of doubtful utility to the farmer, but there are many homely barometrical signs that should not be neglected. The changes of the wind; the course of the clouds; the smoke beating to the ground; the circle around the moon; the flight of birds, both wild and domestic; the hurrying home of bees when a sudden shower approaches; the actions of domestic animals, swine in particular; the acute pains felt by rheumatic persons at the approach of storms; the absence or excess of moisture in the atmosphere, as indicated by the rapid evaporation of boiling water when the air is dry, or ready condensation upon the cold-water pitcher when it is moist; the peculiar sighing of the wind; the turning up of the leaves of the forest before a storm, and many more indications of change, should all be studied, better understood, and used to the farmer’s benefit.”

—Solon Robinson, Facts for Farmers. (New York: A. J. Johnson, 1870.)

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