things I haven’t posted about this spring

The fact that hop shoots, one of the very first edible greens of spring, which grow like evil weeds and demand to be thinned, and which, in late summer, you can flavor beer with, are not nearly widely enough cultivated.

The fact that those potted forget-me-nots I never got around to putting in the ground last year, which died, went to seed first, and are now growing beautifully, all over the place—not exactly the dawn of a new gardening paradigm, but certainly another proof of concept.

That arugula flowers are gorgeous. A couple overwintered in the herb garden, so we’re letting them go to seed. Also, a cabbage, living in what’s now a carrot patch.

Maple syrup, and how, if you have a wood stove, and even only one maple tree with a circumference over ten inches, you really, really, have no good reason not to be sugaring.

About the various wild greens we’ve been eating, and the various ways we’ve been eating them. And how keen I am on wild greens. Like, intellectually. For the sake of cuisine.

My budding thoughts on honest, genuine cuisine, as a local phenomenon—what gave rise to it, what gives rise to it, whether it is rising and what that might mean.

Further thoughts on cooking fats. How olive oil has become an imported luxury in my house. How I have no understanding of the subtleties of cooking with butter. How, in fact, primitive the cooking is in my house.

About the possible addition of a new category, the easiest thing in the world, detailing “recipes” for things which really ought not to need them, and are like fast food in my primitive house.

A number of primitive thoughts, I have had.

2 Comments on “things I haven’t posted about this spring”

  1. Caitlin says:

    Why the scarcity of olive oil? I love the way you write. And I love you, too.

  2. Will says:

    gee, ma. Thanks.

    Olive oil. I will get around to that post someday.

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