tomato seeds

Most tomatoes do not cross-pollinate. This means, most tomato seed will reproduce itself perfectly, year after year. This means, if you have a tomato, and you cut it open and taste it and like it, you can set aside some of its seeds to plant next year, without cash outlay.

To be absolutely sure it will reproduce true, you should try to remember its name. Look it up: is it a “potato leaf” type or not? If not, you’re good.

The other caveat is that you shouldn’t save seed from “doubles” and “triples.” These are tomatoes which appear to be multiple tomatoes conjoined like siamese twins. These, also, may have bred out.

So now you have a mess of slimy tomato seeds. You can just dry them. Or, you can put them in a jar and let them ferment, so the goo comes loose, and you can rinse it off.

There is much ado lately about seed saving. There is a fair bit of hassle involved in a lot of seed saving. Really, there are some seeds that home gardeners have no business trying to perpetuate. Tomatoes are not one of them.

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