the traveling kitchen

The issue of leaving the house, sometimes comes up. Sometimes it’s more than a day. My wife and I, we try to prepare. Once, and for years, our traveling kitchen included olive oil, pasta, knives, a cutting board, garlic, herbs, onions, at least one cast iron pan, and many things I am forgetting, too, that we no longer carry. We did this because we had to eat, and eating in those days was a very difficult thing. Even so, we spent wads of dollars everywhere we went, buying wine, meat, various ingredients in small measures. These days, more people seem to eat, so it is less of a trouble. We are on the road, but we have pared down considerably. Here is an inventory:

a one-pint capacity wooden mortar and pestle.
a primitive knife grinder (sharpener)
a silicon spatula with a broken-off handle
a wooden spoon
cork screw
sea salt

These things, we cannot do without. Sharpish knife, crusher and muddler, reasonable things to stir with, the possibility of having something to drink, and a salt that won’t make us feel slightly ill. Please don’t ask me to do a double blind on that last one. I don’t believe in double blinds.

(See relevant link posted previously here, and while I am adding addenda, I may own up to usually bringing a coffee kit as well. This year, though, it being winter, I’d run out of beans, so have been instead at various mercies.)

2 Comments on “the traveling kitchen”

  1. Caitlin says:

    More people seem to eat because you’ve educated us well. Welcome to our pantry.

  2. Will Huenink says:

    While I am aware of having influenced at least several of my readership, taking credit for the current general food revival may be a little beyond even me. But you’ve got a lovely pantry, Ma. Thanks.

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