highland cattle

highland cattle

“These animals, often called Kyloes in their native land, have been made familiar to the outside world through the art of Sir Edwin Landseer. They are a small, rough-coated mountain breed, having long horns. The original Kyloes were mainly black, but lighter colors—dun, red, fawn (and an occasional white with black points)—have since been established and are now preferred. They are essentially a beef type, and when fattened in lowland parks and feedlots produce a fine, though small, carcass of beef.”

—from The Cattle of the World, by Alvin Howard Sanders. (Washington: The National Geographic Society, 1926.)

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  1. Farmer Ama says:

    hey, our friends and fellow farmers in VT raise Highland beef, freeranging and grass fed on a little under 400 acres. They gave me the3 hearts and some leaf lard last time they slaughtered, I braised the heart in maple-balsamic and black pepper with onions, yum. Its out here (cheap local beef) if you make personal friends with the farmers who raise the animals.
    great pics BTW, like the new size! overall I really like your Blog. Keep on a keepin on with this, the food observations are so fun!

    Farmer Ama

  2. Will Huenink says:

    Thanks! That really is the way to do it, to bypass the market altogether. I’ll work at the sizing thing again someday. Just some cross-browser issues to straighten out.


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